Corporate Real Estate Advisors | Tenant Representation

Securing The Right Space At The Lowest Cost

Determining the right space involves integrating a variety of key disciplines and insightful evaluation to facilitate smart real estate decisions. As a tenant representative, Northeast Realty Group provides unbiased specialized advice unlike most other commercial real estate brokerage companies. Our comprehensive scope of services goes beyond merely identifying a location and negotiating basic economic terms. We focus on the details that result in securing the right space for your business.

Space Optimization

Our goal is to make you aware of all the building factors that affect your occupancy and maximize your space workflow. Finding the building that best suits your needs reduces the amount of rentable space required, contributes to a better workplace environment, and ultimately saves your company money. Important factors that impact your layout such as structural and floor-plate conditions are identified and examined. For example, buildings with fewer columns means more usable space and shallow floor-plates are an advantage for an enclosed office design but a deficiency in the event deeper space is needed to accommodate a dense workstation design. Additionally, we evaluate the floor, ceiling, building core, and perimeter conditions which can influence layout options as well as aesthetics and natural light. Ceiling heights can have a positive or negative impact on the overall workplace environment depending on your requirement. A high ceiling works well with an open plan providing greater depth perception though will not work as well with an enclosed office design. Both the floor and ceiling are also integral to your technology objectives due to the design of powering workstations and providing telecom & data connectivity.

Your Business Plan and Goals

We translate your business plan objectives and goals into actionable real estate strategies for the right space that saves money. This involves addressing issues such as:

  • Future Employee Growth
  • Timing
  • Desired Image & Visibility
  • Occupancy Flexibility
  • Lease vs. Own
  • Space Design & Layout
  • Location Preference
  • Proximity to Customers
  • Employee Commutation
  • Budget Parameters
  • Transaction Structures
  • Exit Strategy


In today’s competitive business environment technology has emerged as the most important element in the right space workplace. Every building is different and it is critical to understand the key components related to each building’s infrastructure so it may meet your technical needs. We focus on identifying and quantifying the important elements that will impact your technology requirements such as power, IT and telecommunications, HVAC – heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, and building systems – security, fire protection and structural capacity. Emphasis is placed on ensuring the buildings of interest have enough power for your requirements and if not the cost of installing additional panels and transformers is calculated and compared. Confirmation of the availability of back-up power by way of an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) system or generators is provided. Additionally, information regarding which existing cable and network providers are servicing the building, the existence of a dedicated riser for your communication backbone and the need for supplemental cooling are explored and evaluated.

Favorable Terms

There are many substantive occupancy provisions which can materially impact the value of a transaction. To ensure it’s the right space and best value for your business, we identify and negotiate favorable lease contract terms for issues such as:

  • Rental Abatement
  • Work Letter
  • Termination Options
  • Construction Allowance
  • Renewal Options
  • Option Space
  • Cash Allowance
  • Expansion Space
  • Restoration
  • HVAC
  • Architectural Allowance
  • Spacing Planning
  • Operating Expense Exclusions
  • Security Deposit
  • Sublease Rights