Corporate Real Estate Advisors | Tenant Representation

1.   Why should I consider Northeast Realty Group?

Simply, our unique combination of local market knowledge and disciplined approach. Our clients enjoy our superior capabilities in identifying savings opportunities, solving workplace issues, delivering projects on time within budget, fostering a competitive environment for maximum leverage and our dedication to high quality service which has allowed us to have strong client retention.

2.  Do you provide services other than real estate brokerage?

Yes we do. Along with our transactional services (market research, strategic planning, space acquisition & disposition), we can assist you with space programming, project management, design and construction consulting, and portfolio management strategies.

3.  What are the costs for your services?

There is no charge for our services to tenants. We are paid a standard brokerage fee as a customary fee sharing arrangement with building owners and their agents. Lease rates include brokerage fees and if there is no tenant representative this fee will go entirely to the listing agent who represents the landlord as its advocate. Special consulting assignments, property sales, and tenants acting as sub-landlords are priced on a case by case basis.

4.  Can you assist my company with other vendors I need to complete the entire project?

Yes we can. We can provide a seamless integration of service providers needed such as: space planning/architecture, engineering, telecommunications & cabling, furniture procurement, general contracting, and legal counsel. We preserve a competitive cost environment, and help coordinate and oversee their work.

5.  Do you provide lease audits verifying my occupancy expenses?

Yes we do. As part of our initial work for all our clients we abstract current lease documentation and audit all current occupancy expense invoices. This provides our clients with a current position benchmark and identifies any potential billing errors resulting in tenant overcharges.

6.  Can you help my company execute a
sale-leaseback of our facility?

Yes we can. We develop and implement an aggressive competitive marketing strategy to obtain the highest value for the property. This allows you to unleash trapped equity and increase occupancy flexibility for your facilities.

7.  Can you help us save money now with an early renewal with our landlord?

Yes we can. This is a great opportunity to reduce your current lease costs, restructure your lease, solve any potential workplace problems, and expand or contract your space. We have been very successful maximizing savings for our clients while their landlords also benefit by retaining a longer term tenancy.

8.  Do you provide portfolio services for our company’s facilities nationwide?

Yes we do. We provide strategic planning, transaction management and financial analysis for all client facilities. Our cost monitoring, real time market data, critical date reportings and lease obligation tracking can enhance your ability to maximize cost savings.

9.  Can you assist us with a special use facility that needs to be built?

Yes we can. Whether it’s a data center, distribution facility, manufacturing plant or corporate office headquarters we have the experience and expertise in managing and negotiating build-to-suit projects. Our knowledge of technical requirements and building infrastructure specifications in combination with our hands on involvement and attention to cost details contribute to a project that exceeds client expectations.