Corporate Real Estate Advisors | Tenant Representation

Detailed Planning For Increased Productivity and Performance

Northeast Realty Group empowers our clients to understand their current occupancy position and future goals. By listening to your current and future needs, operational requirements, and workforce objectives we develop a proactive strategic plan designed to provide flexibility, maximize space efficiency and reduce costs. We evaluate space usage and assist in determining the size and layout needed along with image, location, technology, growth and financial requirements. Tangible factors such as cost, location, access and security are addressed alongside the intangibles of style and culture. Additionally, our occupancy expense audits, lease abstract analysis, and employee & customer location studies provide excellent planning and benchmarking tools.

Understanding Your Obligations

Northeast will audit your current facilities, review all relevant documents and develop a financial model of current obligations. This information will be used as a basis for future negotiations and comparisons.

Establishing Your Objectives

Your firm’s business plans, operational needs and financial requirements are the driving factors in determining your occupancy objectives. We help you establish short term and long term growth assumptions, size of requirement, technology requirements, space adjacencies, communication & power needs, geographic preferences, transaction structures, image & design and more.

Leveraging the Team

We are experienced in identifying the skills required to achieve your occupancy strategy objectives. We assist in assembling a supporting team of specialists such as:

  • Space Planner / Architect
  • Technology / Communications Consultant
  • Mechanical / Structural Engineer
  • C.M. / G.C.
  • Legal Counsel


Northeast Realty Group goes above and beyond the role of a typical commercial real estate firm due to the dedication of our tenant advocacy culture of saving the most money possible for our clients. In addition to providing the necessary real estate market information, occupancy costs and available economic incentives, we help you with your location strategies, a key planning component that ultimately saves your firm money in the long run. We assist in providing studies relating to proximity to customers; quality of workforce in specific area; demographic studies of your current employees; and the quality and availability of utility & power infrastructure. Additionally we focus on the quality of the market’s transportation infrastructure and access to major roadways as well as access to a good selection of transportation providers in the event you may outsource your truck fleet. This approach produces excellent benefits such as reduced operating costs, improved service to customers, speed to market, increased labor availability, reduced real estate expenses and maximized economic incentives.


Northeast Realty Group provides a full scope of economic incentive services to help you maximize your leverage with key prospective local, state and federal governments enabling you to negotiate the best incentive packages available. We can manage the entire process for you to realize considerable savings from economic development incentives such as tax abatements and credits, capital equipment and/or construction loans, infrastructure improvements, sales tax rebates, utility rate concessions, fast track permitting, and employee training grants.