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Superior Results For Your Facilities

Northeast Realty Group’s Portfolio Management Services will assist you in saving time and money by helping identify and develop opportunities to reduce occupancy costs and maximize efficiency for your portfolio of properties. Essentially, as your outsourced real estate department, Northeast will track and manage all lease and facility related documents and information; provide financial analysis such as cost monitoring, assessing obligations and market comparisons; negotiate new transactions such as renewals, consolidations, or relocations; serve as project manager with regard to any design or construction work transactional related; and provide market research to help your firm evaluate industry trends and market conditions.

Our strategic approach to managing your portfolio of leased or owned real estate begins with abstracting all source documentation for cost management planning, and the creation of a portfolio database. This database tracks lease obligations by company, division, location or expiration and notice dates, and provides information on expansion, renewal, and preferential right of action dates. We provide local market data in all portfolio locations and provide transaction management as needed in the acquisition, disposition and project management for those properties. We audit operating expenses and real estate tax statements, and perform detailed occupancy cost summaries tracking the variance between projected costs and actual historical costs providing an excellent business planning and strategic tool to maximize cost savings.

Utilize your occupancy data in various set-ups for cost effective management:

  • Location
  • Building Address
  • Floor
  • Headcounts
  • Square Footage
  • Contacts
  • Financial
  • Rent and Effective Rent
  • Escalation Data
  • Operating Expenses
  • Security Deposits
  • Utility Expenses
  • Time
  • Notification Dates
  • Option Dates
  • Commencement Dates
  • Expiration Dates
  • Renewal Dates