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Go Green & Cut Costs

Reduce Facility Costs with Smart Energy Efficient Planning:

Power consumption represents a major cost for many commercial and industrial tenants. With some smart planning, many businesses can realize tremendous savings by implementing electric conservation measures that also benefit the workplace.  

For example, manufacturing facilities and warehouses can vastly improve their overhead lighting while simultaneously reducing power consumption by converting to modern, energy-efficient T5 and T8 fluorescent lighting. Additionally, today’s high-tech LED lighting fixtures are rapidly making incandescent and halide lights obsolete.

Companies can also realize considerable savings by reducing their draw on the nation’s aging electrical grid. A number of municipalities now offer tax rebates for the installation of solar panels on rooftops and “smart metering” to reduce electrical demand during non-peak operations.

Some companies have even embraced the goal of creating self-sustaining “zero-energy” buildings that only draw from external power sources in rare instances when on-site generation and storage capacity is unable to meet demand. While some up-front spending is typically required to implement these environmentally-friendly systems, the back-end cost savings can be dramatic, with the improvements eventually paying for themselves many times over.

Not only can “Going Green” save your business considerable money, but it can also position your company as being genuinely concerned about the planet’s health and future – an added competitive branding edge in a very cluttered marketplace. An experienced tenant representative can help you evaluate the many benefits of “Going Green.”